Become an R&D Partner

Become an eProfiler Certified R&D Partner

Identify new eProfiles that support the characterisation of the organisms of interest to your industry. Apply these eProfiles with eProfiler Solutions to innovate with your laboratory or bio-manufacturing processes to create new products, to dramatically reduce R&D time, wasted effort and costs.

Creating New eProfiles

Isolate and document the eProfiles of the key bio organisms or chemicals in your business using eProfiler's proven approach and proprietary technology.

Transforming Your Work

Apply eProfiler's low cost, rapid and highly accurate solutions to your R&D approaches, to your production workflows and/or quality and compliance processes.

Publishing Your Results

Become a leader in your industry sector as you contribute eProfiles to the eProfiler library and (publish)l research findings based on the application of eProfiler solutions.

How the Program Works

Certified R&D Partnership includes (1) certification in eProfiler R&D, (2) access to eProfiler Lab operations material, (3) expert resource support, (4) testing discounts for partners who create eProfiles

Register Now

Apply to become part of the eProfiler Solutions R&D Partner network. Fill in the form and send to Please note that at this stage in eProfiler Solutions Ltd's development the number of partners will be limited - but early expressions of interest will be reviews first as bandwidth to work with partners increases.

Partner R&D Help Centre

R&D Partners with a valid email link (provided upon successful registration) can access the R&D Partner Centre which provides partner support, best practice and R&D insights.