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eProfile Library R&D Partners

[Ongoing] eProfiler Solutions is working with Dr Gnana Kumar, the head of the Department of Physical Chemistry at the Madueai Kamaraj University. This work focuses on the application of eProfiler's solution to electro-chemical research such as water quality testing and sensing of chemicals such as glucose in sweat.

[Onboarding] eProfiler Solutions is working with Dr Joshua Kibera the founder of The Pathology Network which uses cloud technology to connect hospitals to pathology labs and pathologists across Kenya and beyond - raising utilisation rates and supporting the secure ordering of tests, sample transportation and communication of pathology test reports.

Solution Partners

UM Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UM Holdings Group in Universiti Malaya. UM Ventures is facilitating the commercialization of the University’s R&D and IP products while providing opportunities for the direct involvement of Academics as entrepreneurs and also provides a way for continued strategic investment and support to these ventures by the University through its subsidiary UM Capital Berhad.

eProfiler Solutions Ltd's inventor and founder Dr Vengadesh Periasamy invented eProfiler Solutions Ltd's technology during his research at the University of Malaysia which owns Dr Vengadesh's patents. eProfiler Solutions Ltd has an exclusive license to exploit this patented technology. UM Capital Berhad is also a minority shareholder in eProfiler Solutions Ltd.

eProfiler's electronic devices are developed by and sourced from Zynix Original Sdn Bhd. Zynix was established in 1999, specializing in developing and supplying electronic products to equipment suppliers and system integrators. Working in a deep partnership, Zynix's world class R&D team is supporting eProfiler Solutions device strategy. eProfiler partnership with Zynix covers the design, sourcing, delivery, evolvolution and support of its unique products. Zynix has been invaluable in turning eProfiler's ideas into reality.

Lajward provides a broad range of services. For eProfiler Solutions, Lajward is a full stack developer of (1) complex AWS Cloud Services involving complex transaction processing, statistical analysis, and highly scalable deployment of this complex processing, and (2) IoT inputs, via a locally deployed Tester APP, from an estate of client developed and existing third party electronic devices managed by local technicians running bespoke tests.

Lajward optimised the technology architecture / stack to meet future requirements and assembled a broad range of infrastructure, technology and development skills to deliver eProfiler's solution within an impressive timeframe.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon providing the world's leading and most comprehensive on-demand cloud computing platform. This allows eProfiler to build out a highly sophisticated native APP and cloud platform at a low initial cost and to scale this very cost effectively and seamlessly as the business grows. AWS provides extensive out of the box support for managing eProfiler's fleet of devices, associated TesterAPPs, and central Cloud Services.

[Planned] MetaPack makes it easy to deliver eProfiler's devices and sensors to clients across the world. It will enable eProfiler to expand to new markets with the world’s largest shipping label library - with automatic switching between carriers to reduce costs. The customer experience is supported with smart tracking and returns solutions.

[Intention] Jiva has developed a fully recyclable and biodegradable PCB substrate, Soluboard [Patent protected] which eProfiler will use in the production of its test sensors. The primary ingredient in Soluboad is a natural fibre. The organic structure of Soluboard® means the non-toxic ingredients delaminate when immersed into hot water. This allows the test sensor organic fibres to be composted, the water to be disposed of using standard waste water systems, and the metals used in the printed circuits to be recycled.

[Intention] eProfiler will use Aquapak products such as Hydropol to create sensor packaging, device packaging and personal protective equipment (PPE) that is fully recyclable within existing waste streams - avoiding the use of plastic. This supports eProfiler's objective of designing-in end-of-life recyclability of its products.