A new physics based, generalised solution to characterising materials

eProfiler Solutions enables the digital transformation of biological and electro-chemical research; production quality control; and compliance

Using electronic signatures (eProfiles), eProfiler provides Scientists, Researchers, Quality Controllers, Regulators, and eventually Clinicians with a low-cost, rapid, accurate, and simple Device for highly reproducible and comparable characterisation and testing of materials, their concentration and (for biomaterials) their state.

Applied physics identifies the unique electrical properties of materials in solution, so the only consumables are single-use (and recycled) PCB sensors - no chemicals, no reagents nor other consumables. This also means the solutions can be applied across a broad range of industry segments (human, animal, plant, environmental etc) and types of material.


Single tool for analysis of DNA, RNA, protein & Cells. Single tool for analysis of chemicals.

Handheld & cheap

Small portable devices in your lab, limited training, automated analysis. Extends use of exisiting Electrometers and Potentiostats

Quick & accurate

5 minute analysis time, highly accurate and reliable results.

The patented two and three electrode sensors analyse the electrical properties of materials with unparalleled sensitivity and specificity. These standardised, single-use Sensors and the measurement Device coupled with globally consistent test data processing and analysis in the cloud match results against a growing library of unique profiles - eProfiles. The opportunities for human error are minimised through simplicity and automation.

The result is data that can be analysed and re-analysed - with full accountability of all tests and related replicates recorded in the blockchain. As new variants of a bio-organism are identified, prior results can be re-analysed to determine the origin and spread of a new variant.